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Community management

Community management

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    • Social network strategy: from a preliminary audit and the setting up of a social media strategy, I suggest you a list of the most relevant social networks for your business and develop an action plan for a successful social media presence.

    • Interaction with your followers. : Some Internet users who follow you ask questions and post comments. This is a real chance for you to learn about their concerns and their needs! I support you in a role of facilitator by quickly responding to their questions and comments. Show a consistant professional and positive image on social media is essential to establish your reputation, encourage your community to exchange and share your content.

    • Diffusion of content on social media : your news or blog articles must be relayed on social networks. It’s there that your future customers will first hear about your services and products. I diffuse for you your articles to these platforms from a content plan and editorial calendar, previously developed together.

  • EGLANTINE is a digital communications agency that helps professionals improve the visibility of their website, their credibility and reputation via social media. We operate in Basel, Alsace and in any other region via skype.


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