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Web editing

Quality and thought for SEO

In outline....

In outline....

This service is only provided in French

    • translation in English by a native English professional

    • Preliminary study : We pass through a study of your services / products to your target group and your objectives. To what purpose do you distribute information? Do you already have a website, a blog ?

    • Editing of an engaging content : the text must be useful, interesting and engaging for the user. For this, we must meet their needs. The language must be his. He must recognize the words used, the concerns put forward proposed solutions.

    • Identification of an illustration or an image : a picture is worth 1,000 words, each article is accompanied by an image / graphics illustrating the best text.

    • SEO actions : your keywords will be identified and introduced at different strategic places of your texts. Links established between pages. These are just one of the measures taken which will increase your search-engine-optimisation (SEO). Sharing your content on social networks also has an important impact on your search engines positionning.

    • Types of editing : website articles, blog articles, news, case studies.
  • EGLANTINE is a digital communications agency that helps professionals improve the visibility of their website, their credibility and reputation via social media. We operate in Basel, Alsace and in any other region via skype.


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